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Cosmetic & General Dentistry Services

If you’re looking for a top cosmetic dentist in Pearl River NY or the rest of the local area, we’ve got your needs covered at Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS & Associates, P.L.L.C. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic services so you can be sure all of your dental needs can be met from a single qualified dentist.

Initial Oral Examination

Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We use digital x-rays which reduces radiation exposure by up to 80% and allows us to correctly diagnose your current dental condition.

Dental Hygiene

Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dental Hygienists. Your cleaning appointment will include a dental exam and the following:

Removal of calculus (tartar):
Calculus is hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth for some time and is now firmly attached to the tooth surface. Calculus forms above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments.

Removal of plaque:
Plaque is a sticky, almost invisible film that forms on the teeth. It is a growing colony of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins (poisons) that inflame the gums. This inflammation is the start of periodontal disease!

Teeth polishing:
Remove stain and plaque that is not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.

Patient Education
Education is key to providing our patients with the ultimate in dental care. When you, as a patient, are thoroughly informed about your treatment options, procedures, and follow-up care, you have been empowered to make educated choices about your dental care. We will always be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening procedures have effectively restored the smile of people with stained, dull, or discolored teeth. The darker tissue of your teeth, the dentin, can become exposed as the outer layer of enamel is worn away by the effects of aging or things like caffeine and tobacco.

Fillings: Resin & Porcelain

We use both tooth-colored composite resin fillings and porcelain restorations that will blend in with your surrounding teeth.


Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth. Crowns are typically used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal. When decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth.


Bonding is a process in which an enamel-like material is applied to a tooth’s surface, sculpted to an ideal shape, hardened, and then polished for an ideal smile. This procedure usually can be accomplished in a single visit.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can solve many types of cosmetic dental problems, from gaps in the teeth to stains or badly shaped teeth. Sometimes referred to as instant braces, veneers are thin, custom-made shells that fit over your teeth, instantly changing the shape, color, and alignment of the teeth. Veneers look completely natural and some are as thin as contact lenses. We may be able to create veneers without reshaping your natural teeth. These types of veneers require no numbing.


Dental implants are becoming the standard for tooth replacement. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed in the jaw with a replacement tooth attached on top. The implant post integrates into the jaw bone, forming a strong foundation for the replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace a one or several teeth and can also secure a denture. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can improve speaking and chewing ability and prevent bone loss in the jaw, which typically occurs where a tooth is missing.

Root Canals

We perform root canals on anterior, premolar and molar teeth. We use the latest rotary root canal technology. This allows us to minimize office visits and makes the root canal experience much more comfortable and predictable.

Removable Dental Prostheses (Dentures)

For patients who are missing multiple teeth, we fabricate full dentures or partial dentures. We also offer flexible dentures which contain no metal and provide a better aesthetic option for our patients.

Mouth Guards

Whether you are an athlete or a casual sports participant, you should wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, a bite guard will reduce symptoms of TMJ (Jaw joint) problems. We custom make mouth guards in both soft and hard materials.

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Cosmetic Dentist In Pearl River NY

Are you looking for a top cosmetic dentist in Pearl River NY or the rest of the local area? Please contact us with any further questions a 845-623-0305.