FAQ about Our Practice for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Pearl River NY

For the past 25 years, Bruce R. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC has provided gentle and compassionate family dentistry in Pearl River NY. Discover for yourself why so many people make him their choice for their family dentist in Pearl River NY.

At Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, we take pride in the fact that our patients consider our team to be exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable family dental office in Pearl River NY. We also realize many people are a bit apprehensive when they start going to a new dental practice. While some people are naturally nervous about doing to see a dentist in general, others have concerns regarding the financial aspects of dental treatment. Part of our commitment to our patients is to do everything possible to reduce, if not eliminate, their anxiety about dentistry. From the relaxed atmosphere of our office to our compassionate staff, Dr. Rothschild and our team work diligently to put our patients’ minds at ease. As part of this effort, here are some answers to questions people often ask about our dental office in Pearl River NY.

Question: Are you currently accepting new patients for family and cosmetic dental services in Pearl River NY?

Answer: Yes, we welcome new patients into our practice. If you are transferring from another dental office, please bring their contact information so we can obtain your records.

Question: Do you accept dental insurance?

Answer: Yes, Dr. Rothschild is an in-network provider for Aetna PPO, Cinga PPP, MetLife PPO, and Delta Dental. Additionally, many dental insurance plans accept claims from Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC as an out-of-network provider.

Question: How do I know how much my dental insurance will pay for my dental treatment?

Answer: To find out your insurance benefits for different dental procedure, you’ll need to contact your dental insurance carrier because policies differ widely in what treatments they cover. Additionally, the portion of the cost of the procedure also depends on whether you have met your annual deductible and the amount of your co-pay.

Question: My insurance carrier says the procedure recommended by Dr. Rothschild needs pre-authorization. What is that and how do I get it?

Answer: Often insurance carrier want to approve the more complex and expensive dental treatments before Dr. Rothschild does them to ensure the procedure meets the insurance company’s criteria for medically necessary. If your insurance company informs you that a particular procedure requires preauthorization, let us know and we file the request for authorization for services.

Question:  My dental treatment is not covered by insurance. What are my options?

To make dental treatment as affordable and accessible as possible, Bruce L. Rothschild and Associates, PLLC accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We also accept CareCredit®, which is a special credit card for dental procedures. The online application process is simple and usually you receive a decision within a day.

For more answers to your questions about family and cosmetic dentistry in Pearl River NY, contact Dr. Bruce L Rothschild & Associates, P.L.L.C. at 845-623-0305.