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Teeth Whitening Tenafly NJ

Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC is the top choice of a large number of individuals looking for a highly rated local dentist near Tenafly NJ. When residents of the local Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY region want the finest possible care for their teeth, we’re one of the top choices they make. When it comes to your smile you want to make certain it’s in capable hands, and that’s why local residents are making the intelligent choice of turning to someone with a strong reputation in the local area. Give Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC a get in touch with today to schedule an appointment if you’re in need of services from a highly-rated local dentist in Tenafly NJ.

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Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS is all about preventive service, making us a top choice for a local family dentist near Tenafly NJ. A lot of the early signs of oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay are often disregarded. It is incredibly unfortunate when individuals visit us who are in a substantial amount of pain which could have been prevented. If you see us for routine cleanings and checkups we’re able to catch many teeth and gum conditions before they become problematic. Involved procedures together with a great deal of pain and discomfort may be avoided in this way. Don’t wait until it is too late and you’re forced to depend on expensive and uncomfortable dental interventions. In the event that you are searching for a qualified local dentist in Tenafly NJ or the rest of the local Bergen County NJ or Rockland County NY area for effective preventive services, all you need to do is get in touch with Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC.

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We can provide top quality dental services to every member of your family as a top choice for a local family dentist near Tenafly NJ. To make certain your smile is as bright and healthy as it can possibly be we’re here each step along the way from your child’s first set of teeth through adolescence to adulthood. A lot of people believe that the child’s first set of teeth is capable of being ignored considering it will eventually fall out. However, to make sure a set of healthy teeth, routine visits this early are essential. This is going to also allow them to grow accustomed to and comfortable with trips to the dentist’s office early on. Are you searching for services for dentistry in Tenafly NJ or the rest of the local Bergen County NJ or Rockland County NY region from a trustworthy family dentist? For the very best in pediatric dental care all you need to do is call Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates.

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As an experienced local dentist in Pearl River NY Bruce Rothschild, DDS frequently answers questions regarding cosmetic dentistry. Many people out there only view cosmetic dentistry as a service for teeth whitening. This is far from the truth however Although teeth whiting is definitely one of the procedures offered by a family dentist that offers cosmetic dentistry procedures, a reliable cosmetic dentist in Tenafly NJ such as Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of treatments to enhance your smile and keep your teeth in the best health possible.

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The fact that lots of people believe their smile is their most valuable social asset, they search for cosmetic dentistry in Pearl River NY when they find their teeth are not as attractive as they would like. In addition to supplying routine treatments for teeth whitening, a cosmetic dentist may also be of great help when you have missing teeth, your teeth are misaligned, or you have a chipped tooth. Below are some common cosmetic dentistry options to these problems offered by your local family dentist, Bruce Rothschild, DDS:

— Dental Implants: If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants offer an alternative to dentures. Dental implants are anchored to your teeth in a manner much like the roots of your natural teeth with a strong metal post.

— Porcelain Veneers and Crowns: In some cases, your smile may be marred by deep cracks and cavities, while in others your teeth might seem darker than you’d like as a result of thin enamel. To remedy these cases, your local dentist might recommend using porcelain veneers or crowns. By attaching a sheath of tooth colored porcelain, this cosmetic dentistry process can both restore your chewing ability and the shape of your tooth.

— Tooth Bonding: Tooth bonding might be a cosmetic dentistry service recommended by your cosmetic dentist in Pearl River NY if your smile appears a little crooked or you have a chipped tooth. In this procedure, a dentist is going to use either porcelain or composite resin into the tooth directly. This will restore the function and structure of your teeth along with its natural shape. Tooth bonding can also provide an alternative that’s substantially less expensive and more timely than orthodontics for fixing a smile that is somewhat crooked.

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Call Bruce L. Rothschild, DDS and Associates, PLLC at 845-623-0305 today if you would like to learn more about our services as a cosmetic and tooth whitening dentist near Tenafly NJ from a recommended cosmetic dentist.